We are a grassroots, Africa-focused think tank/consultancy firm that dares to imagine a new era of development


Development Reimagination Group (DRG) was established in 2017 in Harare, Zimbabwe, with a Pan-African vision to support governments, development partners, and corporations in the critical areas of Strategy and Research, Analytics, and Organizational Development & Training services, with a special focus on key development sectors e.g health, education, governance, business etc. Specifically, we offer grassroots think tank and consulting services.

Understanding that we cannot solve all the challenges affecting the African continent, we are therefore very selective in our choice of the partners we decide to engage and the projects we choose to work on.



Strategy Development – Market Research – Due Diligence Services


Economic Analysis – Program Costing – Gap Analysis – Data Collection/Analysis – Survey Management


Financial Systems Assessments – Financial Management Training – Internal Training


We work with a wide network of independent industry experts and DRG Fellows located across Africa on a rolling basis, with the goal of providing the best possible solutions to our clients. Understanding that we are an innovative group that is a key part of Africa’s emergent hope, we don’t shy away from any difficulties, including the hurdles presented by bureaucracy and politics, especially if such things get in the way of improving the lives and livelihoods of Africa’s people.

If you are ready to think creatively outside the box, challenge the convention and the status quo — all while working on meaningful projects — then you are someone we would love to hear from. Follow this link for the application form.


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With the Right Shifts, Zimbabwean Start-Ups Can Thrive

Like most African entrepreneurs, Zimbabwe’s entrepreneurs face tough economic, environmental and political factors–widespread poverty, major infrastructure gaps, unstructured markets and a rigid regulatory environment–that have a direct bearing on building successful businesses. However, the Zimbabwean entrepreneurial experience is a bit more challenging. Most entrepreneurs find themselves in a paradox, highly motivated by the prevailing hope…

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Partner With DRG: Strategy and Prioritization

Strategy is the engine for survival and growth for any business or organization. However, most strategy development processes end up not achieving the expected results due to several factors. One of the key challenges is the absence of a robust prioritization exercise – being able to develop a list of key activities and ranking them…

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How to Build a Middle Income Zimbabwe by 2030

Over the last couple months, we engaged with other great minds to brainstorm the economic transformation of Zimbabwe. This work is in line with the government’s vision of transforming the economy from low income to middle income by 2030.  Dr Farai Charasika has been championing  this work and below are his thoughts on how to get…

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