DRG Approach

We are a conduit between opportunities/projects and development professionals willing to use their skills to transform Africa by rethinking intransigent challenges facing Governments, Non-Profit Organisations and Businesses.

DRG aims to solve the development collective action problem by closing the gap between development-sector talent and opportunities & projects, and at the same time bring coordination and organization to a field that is currently fragmented and driven by individual interests.


We are well-positioned to brainstorm and solve some of the most intransigent problems in our own communities through several key, unique strengths:

  • Our deep understanding of the local, African environment
  • A robust analytic approach to problem solving
  • Our ability to solve the development collective action problem through network nudges and strategic collaborations.

DRG Think Tank

Aims to provide a platform for emerging African thought leaders to confront and debate tough questions affecting development today. We are a privileged community and the opportunity to brainstorm the ideals of development should not be taken lightly.

At DRG, no development topics are off bounds or too controversial.

DRG Consulting

Aims to provide cutting edge advisory services to public and private sector organizations focusing on Strategy and Research, Analytics, and Organizational Development & Training.

Due to our extensive network of industry experts, we focus on a wide range of key development sectors (e.g. health, education, governance & business).